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Social responses

Find the best response to the following situations (najděte nejvhodnější reakci na následující situace).

1. Why did the police stop you?

2. The project received a grant, nevertheless it was very expensive.

3. Hello, Jim, you’re early!

4. In the Netherlands it’s not necessary to be 18 to buy beer.

5. Have you bought anything expensive recently?

6. How long have you lived in Prague?

7. There was a terrible accident on the road yesterday. Was anybody injured?

8. Why are you putting on your jacket?

9. The USA should work with other countries to reduce global warming.

10. Have you always worked in an office?

11. You live in France, don’t you?

12. Can I get you another drink?

13. Do you mind if I smoke?

14. Can I join you?

15. Thank you for everything. I really must be going.

16. I didn’t get the job I wanted.

17. Would you like me to order a taxi to your hotel?

18. Why don’t we invite some friends for dinner?

Reading and comprehension


The woman at Victoria station was waiting for her son. Robert Hathall was one minute late, but this quietly pleased the woman. Other people’s faults often pleased her.

‘There you are,’ she said, when he arrived.

‘Have you got your ticket?’ asked Robert.

She hadn’t. She knew that he’d had money problems for the three years of his second marriage, but that was his fault.

‘Go and buy them, or we’ll miss the train,’ she said.

Perhaps they would miss the train to Kingsmarkham. Then Angela, Robert’s wife, would be angry with him. It would be a good start to the weekend, she thought with a smile.

They did not miss the train. But it was crowded, and they had to stand.

‘Angela is looking forward to seeing you,’ said Robert.

Mrs Hathall remembered the only time that she had met her daughter-in-law. It was in a flat at Earl’s Court. Angela had described Robert’s first wife, Eileen, as a greedy cow. Mrs Hathall had immediately walked out of the building. She told herself that she never wanted to see Angela again. But here she was, going to Kingsmarkham. And Robert was getting nervous.

‘Angela’s been cleaning the house to make it nice for you,’ he said.

Mrs Hathall wanted to say, ‘A good wife always has a clean house, not just when a visitor is coming.’

But she said nothing.

‘Angela’s meeting us with the car,’ Robert said, when they arrived at Kingsmarkham railway station.

His mother pushed her suitcase at him and took hold of his arm.

‘Eileen visited me this morning,’ she said, when they were walking out of the station.

‘Why don’t you go and see her one evening when you’re in London?’

‘Is that a joke?’ he asked. ‘Because it’s not funny.’

He was looking around the car park for Angela and the car. A cruel smile pulled at the corners of Mrs Hathall’s mouth.

‘Your wife’s not here,’ she said.

‘It doesn’t matter,’ said Robert. ‘It’s not far to walk.’

It was unusual for him to be so calm, she thought. Usually he became angry when his mother was rude about Angela. Then they would have an argument. But not today.

19. Did Mrs Hathall feel sorry about her son’s financial problems?

20. Would Mrs Hathall mind missing the train?

21. How did Angela feel about Mrs Hathall’s visit?

22. Did Mrs Hathall like her son’s first wife Eileen?

23. What did Mrs Hathall and her son usually argue about?

24. Which collocation with the verb ‘tell’ is incorrect?

25. What is the best opposite for ‘crowded’?

26. What do people often carry in a ‘suitcase’ when they travel?

27. What is the best synonym for ‘rude’?

Vocabulary bank

Find the expression that differs from the others. (Najděte výraz, který se liší od ostatních.)