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Language in use

Find the expressions for the following definitions. (Najděte vhodné výrazy pro následující definice)

1. Can you find a phrasal verb that means: ‘to have the same abilities as an older family member’? e.g. She's very good at art
her father.

2. Can you find the expression that means: ‘a question you ask in order to get information’? e.g. We're getting a lot of ..... about our new bus service.

3. Can you find the expression that means: ‘without intending to do something’? e.g. I deleted all my computer files ......

4. Can you find the expression that means: ‘to be trapped or unable to move’? e.g. Have you ever ..... 
in a lift?

5. Can you find the expression that means: ‘a very large house’? e.g. They live in a beautiful country ......

6. Can you find the expression that means: ‘always trying to find out private information about someone’?   e.g. Our neighbors are really .....

7. Can you find the expression that means: ‘to have a limited time to complete something’? e.g. We're ..... to get the project finished on time.

8. Can you find the expression that means: ‘unable to make decisions’? e.g. My biggest problem is that I'm so ......

9. Can you find the expression that means: ‘to lose your job for doing something wrong’? e.g. When his boss discovered he was selling company secrets, he ..... him instantly.

10. Can you find the expression that means: ‘when someone is killed as a legal punishment’? e.g. Three Britons are facing the ..... for spying.

Grammar and comprehension

Read a chapter from Macmillan Readers’ book The Norwood Builder. Complete the text with offered options. (Přečtěte si kapitolu z knížky The Norwood Builder od Macmillan Readers. Doplňte text podle nabídnutých možností.)

The Most Unhappy Man

The case which I call ‘The Norwood Builder’ began for us in a very dramatic way. Holmes and I had just finished a late breakfast one morning, and we were talking in our sitting room in Baker Street. Holmes was about to open his morning newspaper, when we noise outside. A moment later, someone was knocking , very hard. Then the door opened and a young man rushed in. His face was pale and his fair hair and his clothes were untidy. His blue eyes were frightened. He had obviously been running, and he was breathing .

‘You’ve got to help me, Mr Holmes,’ he said desperately. ‘The police following me! Oh, the scandal will break my poor mother’s heart.’

‘Sit down, please,’ Holmes said. ‘This is my friend and helper, Dr Watson. Please tell us who you are.’ ‘I’m that most unhappy man, John Hector McFarlane,’ he replied. He obviously thought that we the name, but we did not.

‘Mr Holmes, if the police arrive, please make them wait,’ the young man went on. ‘Don’t let them arrest me until my story.’ ‘Why do they want to arrest you?’ asked Holmes in surprise. ‘ ?’

‘They’ll charge me with murder, Mr Holmes, but I haven’t killed anyone,’ he replied. ‘But I will be happy to go to prison if I know that Sherlock Holmes is investigating my case!’

Holmes is a tall, thin man with long fingers and a longneck. His eyes are like a fierce bird’s eyes. Now he looked very our visitor. ‘I know that you’re not married and that you’re a lawyer,’ said Holmes. ‘I know that your lungs are not good. But I know nothing else about you, and I do not recognize your name.’

I knew my friend’s methods, and I could understand what he . The man’s clothes were untidy, so he was probably unmarried. We could see that there were legal papers in his pockets, so he was certainly a lawyer. We could hear his breathing, so it was obvious that he had an illness of the lungs. Everything that Holmes had said was obvious, but the young man seemed surprised.

‘That’s amazing,’ he said. ‘But if you’d opened your newspaper this morning, you my name.’ The man opened the newspaper which Holmes had put on the table and pointed dramatically to a headline. Then he held the paper up so we could see it.


22. How did John Hector McFarlane feel when he rushed into Sherlock Holmes’s room?

23. Why do the police want to arrest John Hector McFarlane?

24. Was Watson surprised when Sherlock Holmes guessed McFarlane’s occupation?

25. Why should have Holmes and Watson recognized McFarlane’s name?

Vocabulary bank

Find the expression that differs from the others. (Najděte výraz, který se liší od ostatních.)