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Social responses

Find the best response to the following situations (najděte nejvhodnější reakci na následující situace).

1. What time is it?

2. Would you like some ice-cream?

3. How many times have you seen Rambo?

4. How much wine do you drink?

5. Can I have more coffee?

6. What do you do?

7. Where is Tom and Kate’s mother?

8. Does your mother like cats?

9. How often do you play cards?

10. Did you go out last night?

11. Thanks, that’s very nice of you.

12. Can you give me your passport, please?

13. Excuse me. Where is King Street?

14. Good morning. I’d like to check out. Can I have the bill, please?

15. Good evening. Do you have a reservation?

16. How’s life?

17. I must go now. It was very nice meeting you.

18. I’d like to speak to Edgar Pierce, please.

Vocabulary bank

Find the expression that differs from the others. (Najděte výraz, který se liší od ostatních.)





Reading comprehension

Dear Linda,

Thank you for your e-mail. I hope you are all fine and you are not too angry about the rainy July. When exactly are you leaving for Italy? How is packing going? I heard that Tuscany is wonderful.

We got back from our holiday last Friday but it took me another three days to unpack and wash everything before I could sit down and send this email. We had a good time, the food was delicious but our hotel was a nightmare. The brochure promised a ‘holiday of a lifetime’-- beautiful beaches, a hotel close to the sea, a large swimming pool, apartments with large balconies and air-conditioning but the sea was 8 miles away, the rooms had grey paint on walls, there was no air-conditioning, and the swimming pool was not finished. We complained to the travel agency but they offered only 15% off our next holiday so I am going to write some bad reviews on the Internet.

In your e-mail you asked about my new colleague. His name is Robert and he seems very efficient but he is not very popular. He never talks to anyone. I am worried that he is not going to make a good team member.

Say hello to the kids and to my sweet brother. I hope to hear from you soon.

Take care,

23. What time of the year did Erika write the email?

24. What day did Erika send the email?

25. Does Erika like Tuscany?

26. What was nice about Erika’s holiday?

27. Why did Erika choose this hotel?

28. Was Erika happy with the reaction of the travel agency to her complaint?

29. What is the problem with Erika’s new colleague?

30. Who is Erika?